Amandine Vaslet

amandine vaslet

Amandine has lived in the Caribbean region and South Florida over the past 10 years. Holder of a PhD in marine biology, Amandine has been involved in several research projects with the University of the Antilles in Guadeloupe and with the Smithsonian Institution in Florida and Belize. These projects focused on the ecology of fish and invertebrate communities living in mangroves, seagrass beds and coral reefs. Amandine has been involved in the assessment of marine biodiversity outcomes around Guadeloupe archipelago and has been in charge of biology courses addressed to undergraduate and graduate students at the University of the Antilles.

Since June 2014, Amandine is the intern of the Caribbean Hub for the BEST Initiative and is working with the SPAW-RAC and Réserve Naturelle of Saint-Martin on the elaboration of Ecosystem Profile for the 15 European Overseas Regions, Countries and Territories in the Caribbean region.