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BioNews 30 – November 2016

Decades of fieldwork conducted throughout the Caribbean, including work by the Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire, has been collated for the first time by Bjorndal et al and data indicates that growth

Alarm bells ring as turtle growth rates decline

An unprecedented regional study of turtle growth rates by Bjorndal et al, compiled scientific data on hawksbill turtle growth rates collected over a 33 year period from 24 sites around the Caribbean

Caribbean Birding Trail training on Bonaire

Twenty-two Caribbean Birding Trail Guides were certified on Bonaire in September 2016 at the end of an intense week long training workshop. Participants came from Bonaire, Curaçao, Sint Maarten and

BioNews 29 – October 2016

This months edition of BioNews takes a look at recent research expeditions to the Dutch Caribbean including terrestrial and marine expeditions organized by Naturalis to St. Eustatius, two marine

Climate change impacts within the Dutch Caribbean

The most recent climate change predictions for the Caribbean region (2013/2014) by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are alarming and suggest that the islands of the Dutch Caribbean

GCFI Conference, Grand Cayman 2016

7th – 10th November 2016 Grand Cayman

Leading shark protection in the Caribbean

An important first step was taken towards the regional protection of sharks throughout the Caribbean. At the request of the Netherlands, regional governments today recommended eight species of sharks

SPAW STAC meeting, Miami 2016

2nd – 4th November Miami, FL

Statia discovers new snail

New land snail species discovered on Sint Eustatius and named after Quill Since 2010 the island of Sint Eustatius is a special Dutch municipality. In spite of being part of the Netherlands for over

New Director for Parke Nacional Arikok October 2016

The Board is proud to announce the hire of Natasha and convinced that the Arikok Park is now entering a new phase of stability. Natasha has worked for various organisations involved in nature
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