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Un-weaned baby parrots that were taken fro the wild

112 Parrot Chicks Confiscated

  BONAIRE — An illegal collection of 112 parrots believed to be destined for neighboring Curaçao was seized by a rapid response task force consisting of STINAPA Bonaire, the national parks

Commissioner Tromp opens Caribbean Wetlands Initiative meeting

  BONAIRE — From the 5th until the 8th of July 2011, Bonaire will be hosting the Caribbean Wetlands Initiative of the Treaty for the protection of Wetlands, better known as the Ramsar
The new graduates of STINAPA's Junior Ranger program learning the skills of tagging Queen Conch from Gevy Soliana

Junior Rangers of the Dutch Caribbean

In time, the true value of youth education naturally presents itself. An example of this has just come to fruition on Bonaire where two of STINAPA’s Junior Rangers have just graduated from the
The Red-Crested Tree Rat photographed for the first time at El Dorado Nature Reserve, Colombia

Happy International Day of Biodiversity

  A very cool story caught my eye yesterday of a small mammal being re-discovered after 113 years in a Colombia nature reserve. This individual “Red-Crested Tree Rat”, who hadn’t been seen
Humpback whale breaching

The Humpback Nursery

  The St. Maarten Nature Foundation recently concluded a Marine Mammal survey, with the aim of monitoring the significant amount of mammals visiting and residing in the island’s Man of War

Funding for “Kids for Nature” initiative

  One of the recommendations of an Education workshop held on Bonaire at the end of last year was for the DCNA Secretariat to work on the development of a unified after-school programme of kids
Critically Endangered Hawksbill Turtles Hatching on Bonaire

DCNA is Mapping Nature

In the shallow waters surrounding the island of Bonaire, reefs of virtually every species of hard and soft coral found in the Caribbean are living and growing. Home to more than 340 species of fish,

Season of the Sea Turtle

Did you know that…… Sea turtles have lived in the world’s oceans for more than 150 million years? To put that in context, humans have been around for roughly 200,000 years (about 0.013% of the

Help Aruba Protect The Shoco

Aruba Birdlife Conservation and Parke Nacional Arikok are campaigning to make their charismatic and endemic burrowing owl Aruba’s National Bird. Hope you enjoy this video and share the message
Tropicbird Nesting on Saba

Dutch Caribbean Bird Monitoring: Focus on Tropicbirds

In a continued effort to build capacity and standardize approaches, DCNA recently completed it’s tropicbird monitoring course on Saba. The course included seven participants from St. Eustatius and
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