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Humpback whale breaching

The Humpback Nursery

  The St. Maarten Nature Foundation recently concluded a Marine Mammal survey, with the aim of monitoring the significant amount of mammals visiting and residing in the island’s Man of War

Funding for “Kids for Nature” initiative

  One of the recommendations of an Education workshop held on Bonaire at the end of last year was for the DCNA Secretariat to work on the development of a unified after-school programme of kids
Critically Endangered Hawksbill Turtles Hatching on Bonaire

DCNA is Mapping Nature

In the shallow waters surrounding the island of Bonaire, reefs of virtually every species of hard and soft coral found in the Caribbean are living and growing. Home to more than 340 species of fish,

Season of the Sea Turtle

Did you know that…… Sea turtles have lived in the world’s oceans for more than 150 million years? To put that in context, humans have been around for roughly 200,000 years (about 0.013% of the

Help Aruba Protect The Shoco

Aruba Birdlife Conservation and Parke Nacional Arikok are campaigning to make their charismatic and endemic burrowing owl Aruba’s National Bird. Hope you enjoy this video and share the message
Tropicbird Nesting on Saba

Dutch Caribbean Bird Monitoring: Focus on Tropicbirds

In a continued effort to build capacity and standardize approaches, DCNA recently completed it’s tropicbird monitoring course on Saba. The course included seven participants from St. Eustatius and

Dutch Postcode Lottery supports DCNA

  This year, The National Postcode Lottery is paying the record amount of 270 million Euros to 83 charity/nonprofit organizations. This was announced at the yearly “Goed Geld Gala” organized

St. Maarten’s Marine Park Established!

On December 30th the Minister of Tourism and Economic Affairs, the Honorable Franklin Myers signed a major step towards marine environmental protection for the country St Maarten when he approved the

Nederlands Parlement steunt Caribische Natuur!

  Het Nederlands parlement heeft op een overweldigende manier steun betuigd aan natuurbehoud op de BES eilanden door het aannemen van een aantal resoluties die gericht zijn op de bescherming van
Reef with only a few patches of live coral, empty of fish and a lot of algae growth

Saba Bank Expedition 2010

SABA — In November 2010, a team of eight scientists and conservation practitioners from Holland, Martinique, Bonaire and Saba came together on Saba for a mapping expedition to the Saba Bank
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