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About Paul Hoetjes

Paul Hoetjes is an experienced policy advisor in the field of nature conservation, environment, and protected area management working for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. He is actively involved in international and regional multilateral environmental agreements (e.g. Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife [SPAW] Protocol, Inter-American Sea Turtle Convention, International Coral Reef Intitiative [ICRI]). Paul's background is in marine biology and he is a longtime SCUBA diver with experience in coral reef monitoring work and a broad knowledge of Caribbean marine life. Paul is also an expert on the Saba Bank.

8th meeting of the Dutch Caribbean Committee for Marine Biodiversity and Fisheries

The Dutch Caribbean islands are recognized worldwide for their healthy reefs and outstanding dive sites. Nevertheless, while these reefs are showing signs of resilience and recovery

Curaçao Joins EEZ Management

WILLEMSTAD — The fourth meeting of the Dutch Caribbean Committee on Marine Biodiversity and Fisheries

Saba Bank now Protected!

  As of October 2nd, the Netherlands Antilles passed and published a National Decree (2010, no. 94) designating the Saba Bank as “a protected area in