BioNews 31

BioNews, a monthly newsletter by the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA), focuses on the biodiversity research and monitoring in the Dutch Caribbean. BioNews presents you with an overview of the on-going research and monitoring efforts and provides a regular update on what’s currently happening on our islands.

Download the PDF version of  BioNews 31 issue (~ 4 MB).

This Special Edition of BioNews focuses on the Saba Bank, the largest National Park in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. You will find articles on:

  • 00: Saba Bank largest National Park in the Netherlands
  • 01: Expeditions to the Saba Bank
  • 02: Saba Bank Management Unit
  • 03: Coral reefs
  • 04: Fisheries
  • 05: Sharks
  • 06: Marine mammals
  • 07: Management recommendations
  • 08: Saba Bank Symposium
  • Monitoring January 2017
  • Long-term projects January 2017
  • Research January 2017
  • Reports and publications January 2017

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