DCNA’s Board meeting coming up fast !

The Board meeting will be held from 19th to 21st March 2013 on St Maarten at Divi Little Bay Beach Resort, which is located on the south coast just 2 miles from Philipsburg and about 7 miles from the airport.

Host for this Board meeting will be the Nature Foundation St Maarten, who are the legally designated protected area management organisation for the Man of War Shoal Marine Park and the Emilio Wilson Estate Foundation.

The Board meeting will focus on “Setting a Path for the Future“.

Pre-board meetings are being held on St Maarten, Statia and Bonaire the week before the Board meeting to facilitate dialogue and discussion amongst conservation organisations’ Board representatives, their Board members and staff. The outputs of these discussions will be taken into the first day of DCNA’s Board meeting.

19th March 2013: The first day of the Board meeting, 19th March, will be a closed session for Board members who are conservation practitioners (park and NGO representatives). The day will be spent in round table discussions about what direction the parks and conservation organisations want DCNA to take in the next five years based on input from their own Board and staff members. It will conclude by formulating recommendations for the Board of  DCNA’s consideration and incorportation into DCNA’s Multi Year Plan

20th March 2013: The second day will give updates on DCNA Secretariat progress since the last Board meeting in October 2012. This will be followed by a presentation and discussion of the strategic recommendations by conservation practitioners.

The afternoon of the second day will be a Closed Governance Session.

21st March 2013: The third day will conclude with discussions about the Postcode Lottery Special project application for 2014, an overview of Board actions points and decisions and will be followed by updates from Park and NGO Board representatives on the recent successes and challenges in their work.

Location of Divi Little Bay Beach Resort
Location of Divi Little Bay Beach Resort

Check out the Divi Little Bay Beach Resort website for information on amenities, activities and more.

Huge thanks to St Maarten Park manager, Tadzio Bervoets,  for getting us a great room rate at the Divi Little Bay Beach Resort.