Brown-throated Parakeet

Brown-throated Parakeet (Aratinga pertinax xanthogenia), credits: SHAPE/DCNA (c) 2012Parakeets – locally called “prikichi” are common on Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao.

So if a flash of bright yellow-green caught your attention on any of the ABC islands it may well have been a Brown-throated Parakeet.

Their yellow-green plumage makes them hard to spot but it’s difficult to mistake their high-pitched quarrelsome shrieking.

If you are lucky, you can get close enough for a nice photo but they will take flight if you get too close.

For bird-lovers: the Bonaire subspecies  (A. p. xanthogenia) has a richer yellow on the face that distinguishes it from the more faded yellow of the Aruba subspecies (A. p. arubensis) – see photo of Aruban parakeets below (photo credit: Jeff Wells). Both are island endemics.



When comparing the A. p. xanthogenia to its Curaçao cousin, A. p. pertinax, the Bonarian subspecies has a bluish-green strip from the rear crown to the nape that the does not appear on the Curaçao subspecies.

Prikichi - Aruban subspecies, Brown-throated parakeet (Aratinga pertinax arubensis), credits: Diego Marquez