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Alarm bells ring as turtle growth rates decline

An unprecedented regional study of turtle growth rates by Bjorndal et al, compiled scientific data on hawksbill turtle growth rates collected over a 33 year period

Tracking turtles on Curaçao

Tracking endangered sea turtles on Curaçao

Barbados Sea Turtle Exchange

BARBADOS — Join Carmabi park manager Sabine Berendse on her sea turtle exchange.

Curaçao Sea Turtle Conservation

WILLEMSTAD — Curaçao has taken another step forward in the protection of some of the island’s most charismatic and threatened species – sea turtles.

Debris Free Bonaire

KRALENDIJK — Debris Free Bonaire Volunteers Move Mountains of Marine Plastic Debris

A Decade of Turtle Conservation

BONAIRE — A decade of sea turtle conservation on Klein Bonaire is marked and a datalogger has been retrieved off a Hawksbill turtle in Lac Bay.

Conserving Sea Turtles

DUTCH CARIBBEAN — Seven species of sea turtles inhabit the oceans; these reptiles have thrived throughout the evolutionary timeline differentiating into the turtles we protect today.
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