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Reforestation Klein Curacao and Klein Bonaire Successful

DUTCH CARIBBEAN — For more then ten years, two very successful reforestation projects have been going on on the islands of Klein Curaçao and Klein Bonaire.

Understanding the Human/Parrot Conflict

BONAIRE — Fruit tree owners do not agree with Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrots eating 'their' harvest. Echo is trying to find out how to solve this conflict.

Dutch Butterflies on a Tropical Island

ORANJESTAD — With the inclusion of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba into the country of the Netherlands, the Dutch level of biodiversity has dramatically increased.

BioNews 7 – August 2013

This month’s issue focuses attention on three successful conservation efforts of local nature conservation organisations safeguarding nature in the Dutch Caribbean.

STENAPA Presents at Caribbean Bird Conference

ORANJESTAD — The presence and conservation importance of Red-billed Tropicbirds in the Dutch Caribbean is gaining a wider attention in the region.

The Effectiveness of Volunteer Lionfish Removal Efforts

DUTCH CARIBBEAN — Lionfish pose a serious threat to the coral reef fish communities in the Caribbean. Control efforts with volunteers are starting to pay off.

Mangrove Management for the Queen Conch

BONAIRE — The rate of land reclamation by growing mangrove forests and die-off of mangroves further inland at Lac Bay is exceptionally high.
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