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Small Island Survival

DUTCH CARIBBEAN — Brassavola cucullata, which produces nocturnally fragrant flowers and grows on shaded boulders and tree-trunks, is one of the loveliest orchids of the Antilles.

Shark Research on St. Maarten

ST. MAARTEN — After legal protection for sharks in St. Maarten waters, the Nature Foundation has set up a Shark Research Project to monitor shark populations.

BioNews 8 – September 2013

This month’s issue focuses attention on shark research on St. Maarten and orchid research on Saba and St. Eustatius.
parrotfish-300x199 on Saba Reef

Fish Stocks on the Rise

PHILIPSBURG — St. Maarten Nature Foundation Records 10 -20 Percent Increase in Fish Population in Man the Man Of War Shoal Marine Park.

A Decade of Turtle Conservation

BONAIRE — A decade of sea turtle conservation on Klein Bonaire is marked and a datalogger has been retrieved off a Hawksbill turtle in Lac Bay.

Reforestation Klein Curacao and Klein Bonaire Successful

DUTCH CARIBBEAN — For more then ten years, two very successful reforestation projects have been going on on the islands of Klein Curaçao and Klein Bonaire.

Understanding the Human/Parrot Conflict

BONAIRE — Fruit tree owners do not agree with Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrots eating 'their' harvest. Echo is trying to find out how to solve this conflict.
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