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STENAPA works independantly

STENAPA works independantly for any political ideology, party or religion

STENAPA stands firm: no reduction in Marine Park

STENAPA vigorously denies that it was involved in good consultation with the Statia Island Government which resulted in a significant reducation in the Marine Park.

Statia discovers new snail

New land snail species discovered on Sint Eustatius and named after Quill Since 2010 the island of Sint Eustatius is a special Dutch municipality. In spite of

8th Caribbean Biodiversity Congress

SANTO DOMINGO — The 8th Caribbean Biodiversity Congress was organised in the Dominican Republic in early 2014.

Iguana Workshop Outcomes

SAN JUAN — In December 2013, a three-day Caribbean Iguana Conservation Workshop was organized in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

New Plant Species on St. Eustatius

St. EUSTATIUS — On St. Eustatius, the ongoing study of vascular plants has led to the discovery of a milkweed vine species new to science.

Celebrating Bird Migration

DUTCH CARIBBEAN — Thanks to the support of Birds Caribbean and Environment for the Americas, the parks and conservation organisations of the Dutch Caribbean are equipped
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