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American Kestrel

The American Kestrel (Falco sparverius), often referred to as “Sparrow Hawk”, is a beautiful small bird of prey that lives on all six Dutch Caribbean Islands.

Aruban Burrowing Owl

The Aruban Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia arubensis), known locally as Shoco, is an endemic sub-species of burrowing owl that occurs only on Aruba.
Photo credit- Glen Tepke

Audubon’s Shearwater

Audubon’s Shearwater (Puffinus lherminieri), locally known as “Wedrego”, is a medium-sized, black-brown and white seabird that visits our islands on its migration route.

Bridled Quail-dove

The Bridled-quail Dove (Geotrygon mystacea) is a beautiful dove species that inhabits some of our islands.
Brown pelican. Photo credit- Henkjan Kievit: SHAPE/DCNA

Brown Pelican

The Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentals) is a large seabird that St. Maarten’s national bird and appears on both the island’s flag and coat of arms.

Brown-throated Parakeet

Has a flash of bright yellow-green caught your attention on any of the ABC islands? It must have been the Brow-throated Parakeet (Aratinga pertinax).

Caribbean Birding Trail training on Bonaire

Twenty-two Caribbean Birding Trail Guides were certified on Bonaire in September 2016 at the end of an intense week long training workshop. Participants came from Bonaire,
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