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Banded Coral Shrimp

The Banded Coral Shrimp (Stenopus hispidus) is a well-known inhabitant of tropical coral reefs with its long antennae and striking red-and-white-banded carapace and chelipeds.

Boulder Star Coral

Boulder Star Coral (Montastraea annularis) is without doubt one of the most important reef-building corals found within the Caribbean region, including our islands.
Spirobranchus giganteus, thriving in the waters of the Dutch Caribbean. Photo Credit: © 2012 Rudy van Gelderen

Christmas Tree Worm

Can you envision an underwater Christmas tree in the tropics? The Christmas Tree Worm (Spirobranchus giganteus) is a pine-shaped organism protruding from the seabed.
Photo from of Bonaire Elkhorn

Elkhorn Coral

Elkhorn Coral (Acropora palmata) is one of the most important reef-building corals within the entire Caribbean region. This large branching coral often dominates reef communities.

Elliptical Star Coral

The Elliptical Star Coral has been around for quite some time; fossil records date back to the Eocene period, some 33 to 55 million years ago!
flamingo tongue snail

Flamingo Tongue

The Flamingo Tongue (Cyphoma gibbosum) is a small white and orange sea snails that does not only live on gorgonians, but actually feeds on them.

Giant Anemone

The Giant Anemone (Condylactis gigantea) is the largest anemone in the Caribbean, surmounting to the species richness and diversity in the marine realm.
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