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Guavaberry Tree

The Guavaberry Tree (Myrciaria floribunda) is a perennial shrub or tree that is native to Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

Mountain Mahogany

The Mountain Mahogany (Freziera undulata) can be found on Saba, where it mostly grows within the elfin forest on top of Mount Scenery.

Pope’s Head Cactus

Our spotlight moves to the Pope’s Head Cactus (Melocactus intortus). Its genus name is Melocactus, meaning “melon cactus”, referring to its short, round, watermelon-like base.

Statia Morning Glory

The Statia Morning Glory (Ipomoea sphenophylla) is said to be the rarest plant in the entire Kingdom and can only be found on St. Eustatius.
Brassavola cucullata on statia

Brassavola cucullata

The Brassavola cucullata is an orchid that grows in the Quill and on Boven on St. Eustatius. It has an ornate white flower with long tendrils.
Black-eyed Susan vine on Saba. Photo credit Christian König: SHAPE/DCNA

Black-eyed Susan Vine

The Black-eyed Susan Vine (Thunbergia alata) is one of Saba’s most common plants and can be found all over the island, including the Saba Terrestrial Park.
Areal view of dry forest landscape with cacti. Photo from: Christian König, SHAPE/DCNA


There are three so-called "columnar cacti" species that dominate the landscape of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao: Stenocereus griseus, Cereus repandus and Pilosocereus lanuginosus.
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