Celebrating … Emeray

Emeray …

who manages the office, answers the phone and prints and binds and scans, who pays our bills, stocks our shelves, fixes our leaks (ugh!), records and logs and files and finds everything!

who keeps our books (beautifully), prepares our audit (impeccably), pays our taxes and orders our taxis,

who organises our meetings (despite airline chaos, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, missed planes, changed plans …), who buys our tickets, books our rooms and lets us change our minds again and again,

who has marched up mountains with us … and still keeps smiling,

… has been working for us for exactly ten years !

Emeray has brought a decade of energy and enthusiasm, dedication and creativity into the DCNA Secretariat to make nature protection on our islands really happen.

With her ready smile, charm and willingness to pitch in, Emeray is a joy to work with and the embodiment of what it means to work together to safeguard nature in the Dutch Caribbean. Thank you !



One Response to Celebrating … Emeray

  1. Dear Emeray,
    Congratulations with this milestone and thank you very much for all your efforts making DCNA the great conservation network it is today! DCNA-board, members and partners must be grateful having you in the secretariat.
    Thank you very much indeed!
    Warm regards from a cold and rainy Netherlands,
    Bert Denneman
    Vogelbescherming Nederland / BirdLife Netherlands