Desiree Croes

desiree-croesDesiree Croes is the Education Co-ordinator for STINAPA, Bonaire and leader and co-ordinator of Bonaire’s Junior Rangers.

She was born on Aruba on April 20th 1969 and came to Bonaire in June 2009, to become the Nature and Environmental Education Coordinator for STINAPA. This position is funded by the Government of Bonaire and with good reason. The continuity of this work is important for the future generations of Bonaire.

Desiree explains, “I applied for the job because I wanted to come to Bonaire to help with the nature protection awareness on the Island. It is like a nature virgin Island to me coming from Aruba. With economic development the protection of nature becomes more challenging and the ones we really have to approach are the children.
STINAPA has programs to include and introduce the kids playfully to the nature and the environment they live in. We give them snorkel lessons including the theoretical part in the form of lessons in the classroom about underwater life. Of course we also have outside activities where we teach them about plants, trees, birds, mammals and all living species on the island. We want to teach the children the value of nature for their own future survival on Bonaire and in the whole world. The minute we have chance we also promote nature awareness to the adults too. We celebrate and plan yearly events for the whole community and every time there is something new. I love giving the information that is in my heart; Nature Protection”