Sharks and rays in the Dutch Caribbean

Shark populations throughout the Dutch Caribbean have been strongly depleted over the last half century and the most serious threats are:

  • fishing
  • habitat loss/degradation

Here is a list of the sharks and rays which have been documented in the waters of the Dutch Caribbean (Source: “Shark Protection Plan for the Dutch Caribbean EEZ” by Ingrid van Beek, Dolfi Debrot, Paddy Walker and Irene Kingma)

Whale shark Vulnerable
Nurse shark  Data deficient
Caribbean reef shark  Near threatened
Blacktip shark   Near threatened
Lemon shark   Near threatened
Tiger shark   Near threatened
Bull shark   Near threatened
Oceanic white tip shark  Vulnerable
Silky shark  Near threatened
Blue shark   Near threatened
Sandbar shark  Vulnerable
Smooth hammerhead  Vulnerable
Scalloped hammerhead  Endangered
Great hammerhead  Endangered
Bonnethead shark  Least concern
Basking shark  Vulnerable
Shortfin mako  Vulnerable
Thresher shark  Vulnerable
Bigeye thresher  Vulnerable
Big-eyed sixgill shark  Data deficient
Bluntnose sixgill shark  Vulnerable
Smalltooth sawfish  Critically endangered
Spotted eagle ray  Data deficient
Southern stingray  Data deficient
Giant manta ray  Vulnerable

Note: This list does not include species which are “tentatively present”.

Status refers to the IUCN Red List



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