Dutch Ministry of the Interior

In 2006, former Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Alexander Pechtold, took the unprecedented decision to award DCNA an amount of one million euro per year for a period of ten years to support the establishment of a conservation Trust Fund for the Dutch Caribbean. The idea behind the establishment of a Trust Fund is to ease the dire financial situation of many parks. Once it is fully capitalized, the annual revenues from the Trust Fund are designed to cover the bare management costs for one land and one marine park on each island. This will provide the parks with a sustainable funding future.

On an annual basis € 750.000 is deposited directly into DCNA’s Trust Fund account and used to capitalize Trust Fund portfolios held with Arbor Group and Schretlen.

DCNA along with the park management authorities provide the Ministry of the Interior (BZK) with annual reports, financial statements and audit letters along with copies of their action plans and budgets for the year ahead.

Published in the Staatscourant 6th November 2007, this subsidy comes to DCNA through IUCN NL who consolidate the reporting and provide the Ministry with their own independent assessment.

Click here for a copy of the Staatscourant publication C77683

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