Elise Benedictus

EliseElise became DCNA’s accountant-Assistant in November 2011. Believe it or not but before she joined DCNA, Elise was an accountant for Belgian casinos. However, after a couple of years between slot machines it turned out not to be so self-fulfilling. It was time to place her bet. She switched her high heels for flip-flops, kissed her beloved ones goodbye, crossed an ocean and landed on the beautiful island of Bonaire.

Before Elise worked for DCNA she knew nothing about nature and even less about nature conservation. But bit by bit, species by species, her heart started to fill with “green”. It is a privilege for her to work with people from all over the world who have one similar goal: protecting nature. Working for DCNA gives her a perfect balance between Budgets, Figures and Financial Statements one side and being involved in the wonderful projects that DCNA does other side.