Emeray Martha – Neuman


Emeray Martha-Neuman is one of the longest standing members of the DCNA team. Strangely enough, the position was only meant to be temporary. Whilst DCNA was first starting up, someone was needed to help get the office up and running, just for a few months. So Emeray was contracted as a temporary office assistant. It was clear soon afterwards she was an invaluable team member and DCNA needed her capable help and eye for detail. Emeray has been a permanent member of staff ever since.

Born and raised in Aruba, Emeray’s family come originally from Bonaire. She loved spending her school vacations with her family on Bonaire and hoped one day to live here. She got the chance when she came to work on Bonaire as a flight attendant. A year later she met her future husband, married, and now she has two lively little boys.

Emeray has been with DCNA since 2007 and continues to love her job as her role grows and changes.