Emil ter Horst

emil-ter-horstEmil ter Horst took over as Director of the Parke Nacional Arikok on Aruba in October 2014. He has considerable experience with the development of sustainable smart communities and was the international coordinator of an extensive sustainable project for the municipality of Almere, which involved 6 countries and was valued at over 30 million euros. Ter Horst was also responsible for acquiring the subsidy from the European Community for this project, totalling 11 million euros.

He has been living on Aruba since August 2013 and is married to Yvonne Vanwersch who works as a judge at the Court of First Appeal. Emil and Yvonne have two children. Their son Kasper is a medical doctor and their daughter Doris is studying to become a medical doctor. The Ter Horst family are avid hikers.

His extensive experience will play an important role in aligning the Parke Nacional Arikok with the Government’s national sustainable development policy. His first tasks will be to strengthen the foundation of the Park’s financial, administrative and personnel. Once this is in place, he will be the perfect counterpart for the US Park Service experts in developing a ten-year strategic development plan for Parke Nacional Arikok.

Island Conservationists, Participants.