Gisette Seferina

Gisette-SeferiniGisette Seferina was born and raised on the island of Curaçao in the former Dutch Antilles. Fishing was historically an important component of her family’s daily livelihood. In school, Gisette excelled in languages but wanted to be a scientist. After secondary school she moved to the USA to continue her studies. She earned a BA in microbiology and cell science, went on to earn a M.S. degree in medical entomology, and is currently working on her doctorate degree in agricultural policy. Upon return to Curaçao, Gisette worked in public health policy, and focused raising awareness in the local community about how human activity influences the environment. Gisette is a regular columnist in the popular regional health magazine ‘Support,’ and is regularly featured in the related educational television program ‘Dos Mundu Diferente.’ Now contracted to manage Blue Halo Curaçao, Gisette is shifting her focus from land to sea, but with science, education, and food security remaining at the core of her work. She is based on Curaçao.