ICRI Overview of Presenters

Day 1: 14th October 2013

  • Lisel Alamilla: Minister of Belize
  • Dr. Russel Reinhardt: GBRMPA
  • Anna Nunez: Panama Government
  • Elizabeth Taylor: Director, CORALINA
  • Pablo Hernandez Casanova: Costa Rica Government
  • Roland Baldeo: Grenada
  • Megan Jungwiwattanaporn: MESP
  • Sandra Moguel and Haydee Rodriguez: AIDA
  • Patrick Van Klaveren: Monaco
  • Lourene Jones Smith: Jamaica
  • Nicholas Pascal: ICRI Economic Valuation AHC
  • Martin Russell: ICRI Science and Conservation of Fish Aggregations
  • Dave Gulko: ICRI Enforcement and Investigation AHC
  • Ricardo Gomez Lozano: ICRI Lionfish AHC
  • Naoki Amako, ICRI East Asian update
  • Jerker Tamelander: UNEP Bangkok
  • John Baldwin: ICRI Call to Action is updated
  • Carl Gustaf Lundin: Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network

Day 2: 15th October 2015

  • Jeremy Jackson, GCRMN
  • Linda Searle, Ecomar Belize
  • Melanie McField, Healthy Reefs
  • Judy Lang, AGGRA
  • Jorge Cortes and John Ogden, CARICOMP
  • Catlin Sea Team, Manual Gonzales
  • Michael Kaminski, OTB Spatial
  • Beverly Wade, Belize Fisheries, Comanagement
  • Lauretta Burke, WRI
  • Stijn Schep, Economic Valuation in the Dutch Caribbean

Day 3: Field trip to Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye

Day 4: 17th October 2013

  • Anne Caillaud: ICRI Secretariat
  • Jeremy Jackson: GCRMN Next Steps
  • Tadashi Kimura: East Asia Network Next Steps
  • Nathaniel Miller: Assistant Director, DCNA
  • Jerker Tamelander:  CBD Work Plan Coral Bleaching and Land-Ocean Connections
  • Ricardo Gomez Lozano: ICRI Lionfish AHC Next Steps
  • Pascal Colin: IFRECOR Sponsorship Strategy
  • Nicolas Pascal: Economic Valuation Next Steps