Kerenza Rannou

Kerenza RannouKerenza is the Accounting Manager for STINAPA, Bonaire. She was born on Bonaire and says,

“I started working for STINAPA in August 5th 1996. I finished my studies and had been working abroad for several years and I wanted to come back to the Antilles. I’m doing the administration and everything that comes with it for the foundation and the two parks: Washington Park and the Marine Park. All managers are members of the Management Team and we carry out the policy directed by the board, but we also bring ideas about how to professionalize STINAPA even more. The best thing about my job is that STINAPA is always moving on to a higher professional level and although my work is quite standard I get the opportunity to do different things in the foundation. I also participated in the special police powers training, I got my first aid diploma and I’m going to do a boat-handling course. For me it’s not a must but I do it for fun!
STINAPA is important because our income comes from nature. We live from tourism and STINAPA protects nature in a way so that coming generations will also be capable of enjoying our nature. Sustainable development is very important for the island. I also think that it is very important that STINAPA is educating the children; it’s one of the most valuable contributions STINAPA is giving to the island.”

Island Conservationists, Participants.