Luigi Eybrecht

LuigiLuigi Eybrecht is one of the founding members of the Bonaire Junior Rangers. He helped develop the youth education program and continues to volunteer his free time and weekends as their Commander. Luigi is also now an official park employee of STINAPA. As an Assistant Ranger, Luigi’s role is to monitor important species and ecosystems within and around the parks and to inspire islanders about the unique value of natural resources of Bonaire.

In the field, Luigi assists in monitoring endangered sea turtles, breeding seabirds, over-harvested conch and rare tree species. He helps control the spread of the invasive lionfish, leads fish monitoring groups and is actively restoring shallow-water coral reef species. While this sounds like a lot of fieldwork, Luigi actually spends even more time and energy on outreach and education. Luigi is a true ambassador for conservation who spends working days as well as evenings and weekends sharing with others his deep appreciation for the parks and nature of Bonaire and inspiring conservation in all.

Island Conservationists, Participants.