Marvin Vasquez

marvinOne of Marvin’s greatest passions is nature. It all goes back to growing up in his village in Belize. “The lush bushes at the outskirts always promised a memorable encounter with wildlife. You didn’t have to ride your bike very far to see some amazing birds. I would make an effort to keep at ease to see the wild pigs disappear rapidly into the forest and continue my walk. I would always wonder when I would spot a white-tailed deer in the familiar areas, four miles north of my village with long stretches of sugar cane plantations. To this date, it has never happened.”

Majoring in Biology at the Corozal Junior College (CJC), Marvin already knew that he would want to pursue a Natural Resources Management (NRM) degree at the University of Belize (UB). “The NRM program geared me with an even greater appreciation towards Belize’s environment.”

While at UB, Marvin was also part of the Environmental club and attended early bird banding sessions organized by Dr. Elma Kay and the active bird banding group they had at the time. “I must say that I did enjoy staying involved in conservation, and still do.” During his two years working at UB, Marvin was also a Science teacher. “This improved my newly discovered teaching skills and I found that I do have a liking for environmental education outreach as well.”

Biodiversity conservation and protection of natural areas are elemental for Marvin. “I am very excited to now be part of the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance team. As a great milestone in my career, this new stage is a fulfilling experience, learning from conservation efforts in the Dutch Caribbean.”

Marvin still hopes to one day spot a white-tailed deer roaming somewhere around the areas that he used to explore as a kid.