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Stichting Nationale Parken (SNP)

In January 2017, SNP agreed that all National Parks within the Kingdom of the Netherlands will be eligible to participate in the new Stichting Nationale Parken initiative. For the first year, DCNA will participate as an “agenda member”, meaning that we will receive copies of all relevant documentation, notification of Board meetings with an invitation to attend and will be able to participate in any activities. This will give us the opportunity to contribute our ideas and requests and to contribute to discussions about what governance structure would best suit Dutch Caribbean National Parks as well as any costs, rights and responsibilities etc.

You can find copies of Board meeting and supporting documentation here.

International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

DCNA is a member of IUCN National Committee for the Netherlands and receives regular updates from them as well as invitations to attend their members meetings in the Netherland.

DCNA is also a Board member of IUCN Caribbean.

Executive Committee

DCNA’s Executive Commmittee consists of the following members:

Tadzio Bervoets Action Board Chair
Paul Stokkermans Treasurer
Kai Wulf Secretary
Ron van der Veer
Greg Peterson

The Executive Committee meets on a monthly basis via SkyPE and is charged with overseeing and managing the affairs of the Foundation. The (acting) Chairperson is authorized to take any urgent decisions on behalf of the Board, providing these do not financially burden the organisation.

Copies of meeting minutes, supporting documents and similar can be found here.

Board Book

The Board Book is intended for Board members and provides links to all of the governance documents, reports and similar that Board members need to be aware of.

Governance Documents

DCNA Multi Year Plan 2013-2017

DCNA Fundraising Strategy 2013-2017

DCNA Communication Strategy 2013-2017


Funding for conservation

Screen Shot funders table

Please follow the link below to find an overview of potential sources of grant funding for conservation management in the Dutch Caribbean. The list includes details on the fund itself, the criteria the application has to comply with, possible deadlines, contact information and an indication of the amount and type of funds available.

Table: Potential Funding Sources

Please let us know of any other sources of funding which are not listed here.

Nature Policy Plan Caribbean Netherlands 2013-2017

NPP-engThe Nature Policy Plan Caribbean Netherlands 2013-2017 is printed and now available for download. For the next 5 years, this document will provide the framework for the Dutch Ministry of Economic’s support for nature conservation management in the Caribbean Netherlands.


Click here to download the PDF.

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