Fundraising Committee

Fundraising Committee Documents

Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo Fundraising Brief December 2013
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo Fundraising Brief August 2013
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo Fundraising Brief May 2013
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo DCNA’s Fundraising Strategy 2013 – 2017
word_doc_icon Fundraising Committee Terms of Reference 
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo Financial Sustainability Terms of Reference 
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo STCB Fundraising Strategy Input
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo Management Agreement Template 
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo ANBI Status Explanation and Application
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo DCNA Profile Letter for Funders (‘DCNA Ask Letter’)
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo Fundraising and Philanthropy
excel_icon Online Fundraising Platforms Overview
excel_icon Online Fundraising Platforms Overview (compact)
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo EU Life+ Presentation 
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo Online Fundraiser’s Checklist (by Network For Good)
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo Why Rich People Give
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Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo Financing Marine Conservation (by WWF Centre for Conservation Finance)
Climate Change
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo Climate Change Futures – Health, Ecological and Economic Dimensions (by Harvard Medical School)
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo Energy Security and Global Climate – Labyrinths Identified by Policy Makers
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo Climate Change and Human Health – Risks and Responses (by WHO/WMO/UNEP)
Ecosystem Services
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo Payments for Ecosystem Services: Market Profiles (by Forest Trends, Ecosystem Marketplace and PROFOR)
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo Matrix of Payment Ecosystem Services (by Forest Trends and Ecosystem Marketplace)
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo TEEB – The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity Report for Business – Executive Summary 2010 (by UNEP Consortium)
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo Catalyzing Payments for Ecosystem Services in Africa (by The Katoomba Group)
Endowment Management
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo Practice Standards for Conservation Trust Funds (by Barry Spergel and Kathleen Mikitin)
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo Conservation Trust – Investment Survey for Calendar Year 2012 (by Wildlife Conservation Society)
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo ‘Conservation Endowment Funds’ in German Financial Cooperation (by KFW Entwicklungsbank)
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo Best Practices for Endowment Management (by The Arbor Group/UBS)
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo Financial Management Handbook for Governing Bodies of Environmental Funds (by Kathleen Mikitin)
NGO & Government Donor
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo A Future for Wild Tigers (by The World Bank)
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo The IPG Handbook on Environmental Funds (by the Interagency Planning Group (IPG) on Environmental Funds)
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo MPA News – Volume 9, No. 10 (May 2008)
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo Permanent Conservation Endowments: A study of Long-term Benefits (by Johan Adams & Ray Victurine)
Private Donor
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo Stewardship Essentials – The Donor Relations Guide (by Stevenson, Inc.)
Compatibility_Adobe_PDF_Logo Biodiversity: Its Importance to Human Health (by Harvard Medical School)