Staff Exchange

Looking to develop new skills or share your knowledge?

See if a staff exchange programme will work for you.

Staff exchanges are for everyone: rangers, administrators, managers … and they can focus on just about any aspect of your work, from bookkeeping and accounting to mooring maintenance, project management or monitoring bats.

Here is how to get going:

1. Speak to your manager about your idea for a staff exchange and agree on a ‘concept

The concept should include the purpose of the staff exchange (why it is necessary and how your work will improve) what you want to do and who would be involved.

2. Discuss and agree the concept with any other participating organisation(s).

3. Your manager can then request support by sending an email with the following information to

  • Purpose
  • Overview of logistics/costs
  • Potential dates and venue
  • Preferred participants

4. Once it has been approved, everyone taking part in a staff exchange will need to fill in an application and send this to

The Secretariat will take care of organising logistics (travel, accommodation, per diem) and you will be responsible for putting together the programme and making it happen. Take lots of photos!

5. Once you get back from the staff exchange you will need to:

  • Give us your feedback (via report or conversation)
  • Give a presentation to the staff/Board of your organisation to share with them what you learned.

And please share copies of your photographs so we can share the fun and promote the event.

Why wait. Apply now!