Stichting Nationale Parken

Stichting Nationale Parken is a network of protected areas working with the  Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Staatsbosbeheer and others on the protection and enhancement of National Parks.

In January 2017, the board members of Stichting Nationale Parken agreed that all National Parks within the Kingdom of the Netherlands will be eligible to participate in the new National Parks initiative. For the first year, DCNA will participate as an “agenda member”, meaning that we will receive copies of all relevant documentation, notification of Board meetings with an invitation to attend and will be able to participate in any activities. This will give us the opportunity to contribute our ideas and requests and to contribute to discussions about what governance structure would best suit Dutch Caribbean National Parks as well as any costs, rights and responsibilities etc.


A recently signed agreement with Staatsbosbeheer will allow SNP to complete the Programme of National Parks of World Class and to work with new partners and the existing members to develop a new perspective for National Parks in the Netherlands.




Below are copies of Board meeting and supporting documentation:

Board Meetings



  • November 2016 SNP Board meeting: Kasteel Groeneveld, Baarn