Volunteer (VOFF) Monitoring Workshop

Background and goals of this meeting

Most important output of this workshop will be a better understanding of all the organisations involved and what Dutch and Dutch Caribbean organisations are prepared to take on in terms of partnerships in general. Important is agreement on general process and roles for projects that involve Dutch research institutions, but occur/involve Dutch Caribbean nature.

Dutch Caribbean organisations (represented in this workshop by DCNA) always look for: stakeholder involvement in project planning that fits regional and local goals, stakeholder sensitisation, capacity building on island, sharing of knowledge (e.g. public presentations), planning and budget for local support and data sharing agreements, as these points help make for an effective project that is well-received and has lasting results.


In the morning a series of short presentations, bringing information to the table and setting the framework for a facilitated discussion & workshop after lunch.

Robert Kwak (Vogelbescherming Nederland) will be chairing the day and leading the discussions / workshops in the afternoon.