NetBiome meeting, Reunion


Date June 2015
Location Reunion

Overseas Countries, Territories and Regions (OCT/Ors) of Europe working together for sustainable management and research of biodiversity


In June, 2015, the NetBiome partnership of Dutch, French, Portuguese, and Spanish OCT/Ors met in Reunion to discuss progress and next steps for the partnership. The main topics were the outcome of a series of stakeholder consultations addressing four common high priority challenges for biodiversity management, and how to consolidate that into a policy brief. Also discussed was the status of an online “Biodiversity Toolbox”, being compiled from the information collected by the partnership, and how to continue the partnership when the current EU funding ends in 2016.

NetBiome-CSA is a EU funded partnership towards “Strengthening European research cooperation for smart and sustainable management of tropical and subtropical biodiversity in outermost regions and overseas countries and territories”. It continues on from a previous EU funded NetBiome partnership (NETworking tropical and subtropical Biodiversity research in OuterMost regions and territories of Europe in support of sustainable development).

This partnership is unique since it brings together both Ors and OCTs of Europe, which normally operate apart. It is also the only partnership that focuses on biodiversity in the European OCT/Ors. NetBiome aims to provide continental Europe with locally based views and priorities to guide European actions and strategies with regard to Biodiversity research and management, while strengthening cooperation between the OCT/Ors.

The current NetBiome-CSA partnership has sought out stakeholders in research and management of biodiversity in the OCT/Ors and asked them to identify their main challenges. From this, four common high priority challenges were identified, which were subsequently discussed with the stakeholders to identify recommended research and management actions to address these challenges. The outcomes will be summarized and presented to the European Commission as a Policy Brief.

NetBiome also undertook a comprehensive review of socio-economic valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services studies undertaken in (sub)tropical OCT/Ors or similar locations, and compiled training and communication materials to promote capacity building regarding decision making on socio-economic valuation of biodiversity. At the same time an inventory was undertaken of good practices in dealing with biodiversity research and management in the OCT/Ors.

All the information collected will be provided online as a “Biodiversity Management Toolbox”. This online database is the task of the Ministry of EZ, which participates in NetBiome on behalf of the Caribbean Netherlands.

NetBiome reunion 2015 photo

NetBiome Partners, Reunion. [photo Paul Hoetjes]