Oranjestad Reef Islands

Oranjestad Reef Islands is an Important Bird Area for Aruba under the BirdLife International protocol of important bird areas in the Caribbean. The area is denominated as IBA AW003.

The IBA is in the south western coast of Aruba, comprising of a few sand and coral islets adjacent to the central Oranjestad harbour and the east end of Oranjestad.

The area is significant for breeding terns, the most numerous seabird being the Sandwich Tern subspecies, the “Cayenne” (Sterna sandvicensis eurygnatha). The islets are one of the two nest sites that occur on Aruba.

Source: BirdLife International. (2008). Important Bird Areas in the Caribbean: Key sites for Conservation. Cambridge, UK: BirdLife International. (BirdLife Conservation Series No. 15).
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