Paul Westerbeek

Paul worked from October 2012 to June 2014 as Research Liaison for the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance.

A significant part of his job was to bring researchers from the Netherlands and conservation interests on the islands closer together by closing the “information loop”.  He also uploaded information and reports into the Dutch Caribbean Biodiversity Database, worked with the database developers as well as helping to finalize input from the islands on the Nature Policy Plan. Paul was also the first editor of our BioNews monthly.

Paul’s background is in Marine Biology. He studied marine biology at the RijksUniversiteit Groningen in the Netherlands and specialised on fish research, involving fieldwork around the Mediterranean on the population structure and demography of the Freshwater Blenny (Salaria fluviatilis) and a study on the sustainable future of aquaculture.

Among others, Paul worked for Rijkswaterstaat, North Sea Directorate, as a marine ecological advisor for Offshore Windfarm Projects and Dutch Caribbean affairs. This sparked his interest in such a way that he wanted to really make a difference and preserve the beautiful nature and coral reefs of the Dutch Caribbean islands as a marine biologist.

Paul’s marine biological background, enthusiasm and years of working experience with the Dutch National Government and his network within the Netherlands ensured that he was a real asset to the DCNA team.


“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. “
– Jacques Yves Cousteau