Paulo Bertuol

paulo bertuol

Paulo Bertuol is a Nature Researcher at STINAPA Bonaire and was born in Santa Maria, Brazil. He graduated in Biology at the Federal University of Santa Catarina and MSc in Science and Environmental Technology with focus on Natural Resources Management at the University of Itajai Valley.

After doing research on divers impact and behavior Bertuol completed his first consulting assignment for STINAPA in 2008. As part of the Natural and Historical Resources Unit of STINAPA since 2012, Paulo works on many different Research and monitoring projects like: phenology of native trees of Bonaire, management of the invasive Lionfish, aquatic and terrestrial birds, management of invasive animals and plants in the marine and terrestrial environment.

Since my first time in Bonaire I was in love with the nature of the island. In 2011, after working 22 years in the diving industry in the South of Brazil, I decided it was the moment to do more for nature, besides show the underwater world to people. Since then every day I have a new learning experience and I face new challenges. Promoting the preservation of the environment is my new passion.

Island Conservationists, Participants.