Prikichi declared Aruba national bird

Jeff Wells

Responding to a heart felt plea by the Aruba Bird Conservation, the Council of Ministers on Aruba, on 7th February 2017 approved a proposal to declare the “Prikichi” Aruba’s National Bird.

Of the 249 species of bird so far recorded on Aruba, only two are endemic sub species – birds which occur on Aruba and nowhere else in the world – Shoko (Aruban burrowing owl) and Prikichi (Aruban parakeet).

Shoko (Athene cunicularia arubensis) was declared a National Symbol in 2012 and now the Prikichi (Aratinga pertinax arubensis) has become the National Bird of Aruba. It is hoped that this will help to boost awareness of nature on Aruba and help to ensure that these birds to not disappear from the Aruban landscape.

Photo credit: Aruban parakeets – Jeff Wells

Below: Aruba Bird Conservation celebrating the announcement of the Prikichi as Aruba’s National bird.


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