Management Planning

Project Overview

Goal This project aims to assist park management organisations to develop management plans for each protected area.
Islands Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, St. Eustatius, St. Maarten
Leader Duncan MacRae

According to IUCN management plans are an essential step towards ensuring the proper management of protected areas. Management plans are not only a guiding document for protected area boards and management they are also tools for gaining and focussing the interest of funders and other interested parties. Effective planning captures a protected areas long-term vision and strategy while ensuring continuity of management effort through changes in staff and board membership. The planning process developed by DCNA allows stakeholders to understand and fully participate in the planning process, which has four distinct steps;

1. Formulation of clear, concise statements or objectives

2. Development of realistic action plans for their attainment

3. Systematic monitoring and measuring of performance and achievement

4. Taking corrective actions necessary to achieve planned results.

Management by objectives is proactive rather than reactive. It is also ‘results-oriented’, emphasising accomplishments and outcomes, which are systematically monitored through the DCNA Management Success Project.

Although some parks in the Dutch Caribbean have existed for decades, until 2006, few had up-to-date, implemented management plans. DCNA has been assisting by providing not only a peer-reviewed management planning process but also an experienced, well qualified project lead.