Shark Conservation

Project Overview

Goal Build awareness and capacity for shark conservation throughout the Dutch Caribbean
Islands Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, St. Eustatius, St. Maarten
Leader DCNA
Funders Dutch Postcode Lottery

“Save our Sharks”

World wide over 100 million sharks are killed every year as a result of fishing and shark finning activities.

Sharks are being driven to the brink of extinction by our ignorance and greed.

Thanks to the generous support of the Dutch Postcode Lottery we can now make a real difference!

The solution

Working with fishermen, local communities and scientists we propose to learn as much as we can about sharks.

Building on that knowledge we want to create new ways for islanders to benefit from the presence of sharks in our waters, for example as an attraction for tourists.

By raising awareness about their plight we want to create support for the creation of safe havens for sharks throughout our islands.

Our vision

By 2017 sharks will flourish in our waters, protected by islanders and valued both as integral part of our marine heritage and as a valuable tourism asset.

We will have:
• Popular support for shark conservation
• Measures to prohibit commercial and targeted fishing for sharks
• Sanctuaries as safe havens for sharks

News and views

 Sharks in the Dutch Caribbean

Here is a complete list of the sharks which have been recorded in the Dutch Caribbean

Shark biology

Learn about what makes sharks and rays different: shark biology


People need healthy oceans, and healthy oceans need sharks. In addition to improving fish stocks and marine ecosystems, sharks play an increasingly important role in island economies as an important natural attraction for eco-based recreation and tourism.” Pew Trust.


Our partners

Dutch Postcode Lottery

Dutch Elasmobranch Society

Wereld Natuur Fonds

Pew Trust: Global shark conservation initiative



Save our Sharks!

Project outline

Save our Sharks cover















Dutch Elasmobrach Society

DCNA is proud to working in partnership with the Dutch Elasmobranch Society on our “Save our Sharks”. Dr. Irene Kingma and Dr. Paddy Walker will be taking responsiblity for the implementation of our communication and outreach programme in the Netherlands. This is no small task but they are trilled to be working with us and will be meeting with local partners soonest to ensure that the work they do in the Netherlands to build support for shark conservation works meshes perfectly with and highlights shark conservation efforts on our islands.

“Sharks Demystified”

With funding support from the Wereld Natuur Fonds, Saba Conservation Foundation has just produced a fabulous new video “Sharks Demystified”. The film was aired on Bimini in February at a high level Pew Trust meeting with Sir Richard Branson. It will premiere at DCNA’s Board meeting in March.

In the meantime … take a sneak peak here.

Pew Trust “Shark School” workshop

We have been invited to attend Pew’s two day “Shark School” in Washington DC, on the 26th and 27th February 2015.

With 18 representatives from around the world, the workshop intends to bring together a diversity perspectives on shark conservation.

Goals of the Meeting:

  • Team Building: Understanding the different components of the global shark conservation campaign, who does what and how all the parts fit together.
  • Making Strategic Connections: Identifying and discussing current or emerging issues that cut across campaign/program work, and leaving the meeting with a clear understanding of how best to manage or address them.
  • Our Shark Message: Clarifying what it is & how it cuts across different issues/regions
  • Identifying the Tools: Sharing experiences of tools used and lessons learnt.
  • The Future: Confirming what we want to achieve over the next 2 years and beyond

Save our Sharks: project planning workshop I

Curaçao, 23rd February 2015

Save our Sharks: project planning workshop II

St. Maarten, 29th – 30th March 2015


  • Sharks ! Find our which sharks occur in the waters of the Dutch Caribbean

Save our Sharks project management

Shark Committee Terms of Reference

Save our Sharks project manual

Save our Sharks project manual: user guide for parks

Save our Sharks project manual: user guide for contractors