Ramon de Leon

ramon de leon

Ramon managed the Bonaire National Marine Park for STINAPA Bonaire and the people of Bonaire from August 2004 until January 2015.

“I am a marine biologist and, before I took over the management of the Bonaire National Marine Park, I had been working in the dive industry of Bonaire for a long time. Since the main stakeholder of the Marine Park is the dive industry I thought this double background would be useful to work in this function. Also I love nature and I love Bonaire and I think this is a great way to do something for the people of Bonaire.

I started working at STINAPA on August 1st 2004. I collaborate with the other managers involving the long-term strategy for the foundation and on a daily base I am responsible for all the maintenance, law enforcement, education and different monitoring programs. The nicest thing, without any doubt, is the interaction with the people. This park is a multi use park and we have many users like water sport operators, fishermen and people who live on the shoreline. Being able to interact and help these people to solve their problems is very satisfying for me. I also strongly believe that this is a protected area to use, so I like to work with the people to find possibilities to use the park in a sustainable way.
The importance of STINAPA: Since the main income of the economy of Bonaire is tourism, especially dive tourism, I think that having an organization like STINAPA warranties the sustainable use of the natural resource. Bonaire now has the healthiest reefs in the Caribbean and this is not a coincidence since we have protected the reefs of Bonaire for 30 years now.”


Island Conservationists, Participants.