Access and Benefit Sharing workshop

Access and Benefit Sharing workshop

Date 17th April 2015
Location Bonaire

In October 2015 the Kingdom will ratify the Nagoya Protocol and will then be obliged to implement the requirements of the protocol regarding “Access and Benefit Sharing” (ABS).

The Kingdom is still considering whether each island should have its own legislation or if it might not better to regulate this through national legislation.

This meeting, organised by the Dutch Ministry of Economics/RCN was held to give nature conservation interests on the islands of the Dutch Caribbean input into this process and provide the Ministry of Economics with feedback on what they would want to see put in place in terms of research permits, what information should be submitted by researchers on application for permits etc.

Additionally the meeting will provide the opportunity to develop a common research agenda for the Dutch Caribbean. This information will be used as a basis for the Ministry of Economics deliberations regarding  their policy and knowledge statement for IMARES/Alterra in 2016.

CBD flier on Access and Benefit Sharing

There is extensive information available on Access and Benefit Sharing on the CBD website.

Additional information can be found in Dutch and English on a focal point website.

Workship agenda

Agenda for the meeting can be found here


Access and benefit sharing

Monitoring indicators (summarized from an upcoming IMARES report)

2015 research priorities

Following the powerpoint presentation on monitoring indicators the workshop identified the following research priorities for the Caribbean Netherlands