One of our goals is to provide a central repository for information relating to biodiversity and conservation and encourage communication exchange of such information between organisations within and outside of the Dutch Caribbean.

Our Dutch language website was launched on the 10th of October 2010 to provide a portal for Dutch visitors to Dutch Caribbean nature.

With the photos made available by the SHAPE Photographers, Andre van Proosdij as well as several other local photographers, we have developed a Dutch Caribbean Nature Photobank, now available to the public.

The result of two years work in partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Economics, Agriculture and Innovation, the Dutch Caribbean Biodiversity Database is not only a home for monitoring data, but also provides quick and easy access to the wealth of information available for interested parties.

This website serves to provide nature information to the general public as well as conservation practitioners. We focus on the immediate and crucial tools shared by conservationists on our islands. GIS data, nature education materials, and research and monitoring reports are among the resources that are provided.