Biodiversity Database

In 2011 work began on the development of the Dutch Caribbean Biodiversity Database (DCBD), an information management system for biodiversity in the Dutch Caribbean with the overall goal of supporting monitoring of the status of biodiversity in the region.  With the constitutional change in 2010, the Dutch Government has gained significant responsibility to document and report on the status of nature in the Dutch Caribbean.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs (‘Economische Zaken’ or EZ) is funding the creation and continuous development of the Database. The Dutch research institution ALTERRA, part of the WUR, is leading its development with input from the key stakeholders, such as nature conservation organizations, and DCNA has been asked to provide the content management.

Screenshot-dcbd-monitoringThe database contains monitoring data, GIS-based, interactive maps and other types of relevant resources. The monitoring data section provides data collectors with safe and secure storage and a user-interface to input data and perform analysis per monitoring programme.

Screenshot-dcbd-mapsThe maps section contains GIS-based, interactive maps for Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, St. Eustatius, St. Maarten and the Saba Bank. Monitoring data can be projected on base maps, like vegetation, geology, soil, land use, protected areas and zoning plans.

Screenshot-dcbd-resourcesThe repository for resources allows users to find and access valuable resources on various themes grouped by island and data type, including journal articles, reports and monitoring protocols.

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