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This section of the website focuses on the biodiversity-related research and monitoring efforts underway on and around the six islands of the Dutch Caribbean.

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BioNews is a monthly newsletter, published by DCNA, focusing on the research and monitoring of biodiversity in the Dutch Caribbean. Each consecutive issue of BioNews contains an overview of the ongoing research and monitoring efforts and provides a regular update on what is currently happening on our islands.

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Monitoring Programmes

There are a number of monitoring programmes in place on all islands of the Dutch Caribbean. Some focus on a particular species (e.g. Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrot or ‘lora‘ on Bonaire), some cover more than one island (e.g. Red-billed Tropicbird monitoring on Saba and St. Eustatius) and some focus on ecosystems (e.g. coral reef monitoring on all the islands). In this systematic overview you will find all monitoring programmess that happen throughout the year on any of the six islands of the Dutch Caribbean.

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Research Projects

Aside from continuous or repetitive monitoring programmes there also are numerous research projects being undertaken on the islands by universities or research institutes from across the globe. These usually focus on a specific subject or species, however, depending on the need and urgency for action emerging from the results, these can turn into reoccurring monitoring programmes where the same research is being performed on a regular basis with a consistent methodology. The overview gives an impression of the research efforts that have been undertaken on the islands of the Dutch Caribbean in the past months.

BO Projects Masterlist

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The National Government in The Hague issues research, called BO-projects, to gather information for the focus of political decisions concerning nature conservation in the Caribbean Netherlands and to meet the requirements of international treaties and conventions. Most of these ‘Caribbean BO-projects’ are carried out by Wageningen UR, to which both IMARES and Alterra are partners. In the overview all ‘Caribbean BO-projects’ since the statutory change in October 2010 are listed.

Research Monitoring Reports

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Reports & Publications

The central repository for all biodiversity-related reports and publications on research and monitoring that takes place in the Dutch Caribbean is the Resources section of the Dutch Caribbean Biodiversity Database (or DCBD). In the page under the link here only a few current items from the last months that are ‘hot-off-the-presses’ will be shown. Click the thumbnail on the left for an overview.