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This section of the website focuses on the biodiversity-related research and monitoring efforts underway on and around the six islands of the Dutch Caribbean.


BioNews, a monthly newsletter by the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA), focuses on the biodiversity research and monitoring in the Dutch Caribbean. BioNews presents you with an overview of the on-going research and monitoring efforts and provides a regular update on what’s currently happening on our islands.

In BioNews 32 you will find articles on:

  • Nature Funding Projects BES islands
  • Restoring Bonaire’s dry forest
  • Tiger shark crosses thirteen maritime boundaries in four weeks
  • Great news for shark conservation in the Caribbean (SPAW-STAC)
  • Listening to the Caribbean’s Humpback Whales with CHAMP
  • UV- filters in sun care products as an emerging risk for Caribbean coral reefs
  • Volunteers will count endangered species in St. Eustatius (Anemoon)
  • Sustainable Island Management students St Eustatius

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Monitoring Programmes table

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Monitoring Programmes

There are a number of monitoring programmes in place on all islands of the Dutch Caribbean. Some are species specific such as  monitoring of the Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrot or ‘lora‘ on Bonaire, whilst others focus on ecosystems, such as ongoing efforts to monitor the status and health of coral reefs. The monitoring programmes provides an easy to access overview of the monitoring which is being carried out on all six islands of the Dutch Caribbean.

Research Projects table

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Research Projects

Aside from monitoring programmes there also are numerous research projects underway on the islands. This overview provides information on the current research efforts which are being undertaken in the Dutch Caribbean.

BO Projects Masterlist

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Since 2010 the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs has been supporting monitoring and research efforts under their “BO-projects” programme. These projects aim to gather information on topics which require policy decisions concerning nature conservation in the Caribbean Netherlands or to meet the requirements of reporting on international treaties and conventions. Most of these projects are carried out by Wageningen University. This overview provides information on all ‘BO-projects’ carried out in the Dutch Caribbean since 2010.

Research Monitoring Reports

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Reports & Publications

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs has invested in an on line database to house biodiversity-related reports and publications on research and monitoring in the Dutch Caribbean. The “Dutch Caribbean Biodiversity Database” (or DCBD) includes GIS material and data as well as published reports and grey literature. Click the thumbnail on the left for an overview.