Sabine Engel

Sabine EngelSabine Engel lives and works on Bonaire. She explains “Growing up on Curaçao, an island in the Dutch Caribbean, I spent a lot of my time in and around the water: snorkeling, sailing and exploring. So after highschool off to the Rijks Universiteit Utrecht for marine biology. From that time on my study and interests have taken me abroad to Brasil, Suriname, India, Sri Lanka, Niger to finally more or less settle on Bonaire where I have been involved in reef research and ecological studies in Lac Bay”

Sabine worked for three years with STINAPA Bonaire on an Ecorestoration project funded by IUCN NL “We ARE the World” which was funded by the National Postcode Lottery. Four ecorestoration projects in different parts of the world: Bolivia, Mali, India and Bonaire, all with its own characteristics. On Bonaire the project aimed to restore conch populations in Lac. Sabine headed up all aspects fo the science and field work. She worked with local fisherment and looked into various aspects of the conch stock, its habitat, and assisted with an aweness raising campaign.