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Antillean crested hummingbird male searching for nectar on Aloe flowers. Photo credit- Marjolijn Lopes Cardozo: SHAPE/DCNA

THE BOTTOM – For 25 years, the Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF) has worked tirelessly to conserve the nature on Saba. To celebrate these outstanding efforts, DCNA has come up with a special idea and needs your help! SCF-Logo-25-years-no-text.gifParticipate in the photo contest for SCF’s 25th birthday and capture the beautiful nature of the Dutch Caribbean. This natural beauty of the islands has been preserved by DCNA – an alliance of park organisations on each of the six islands of the Dutch Caribbean.

Your photo for the contest will tell it’s own story about the exceptional nature of the Dutch Caribbean. Get your camera and start roaming the islands and surrounding seas for the best shot and win attractive prizes! The main prize will take the winner and his/her companion to the island with the celebrating conservation organization: Saba.

Everyone can participate, locals, tourists, kids, grandmas, professional photographers, hobby photographers and even mobile phone snapshot hunters. You can upload your photo in one of the four categories:

  • Nature as it is – This is the ‘hard core’ photo contest posternature photo category. No manipulation…. Pure nature!
  • Nature as you see it – This is where you give your own twist to nature. Take the photo in a special way, give it a creative touch, do some special post treatment tricks – here, you can really ‘go for it’!
  • Nature for kids – A special category for kids – if you’re younger than 16 you can join.
  • Nature @ your fingertips – No high level camera, but have you got one on your mobile phone? Then this is the place to be. Take that one special shot with your mobile and join the competition

Read more about the contest here

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