SPAW Climate Change agenda

Day 1 / November 28th

Introduction- overview of climate change and its expected impacts on marine and coastal biodiversity in the Caribbean

  • Caribsave works for modelling the transformational impacts and costs of sea level rise in the Caribbean – Owen Day
  • CNRS analysis related to the impact of sea level rise on the 10 insular biodiversity hotspots – Céline Bellard

Experiences sharing between MPA managers for addressing the impacts of climate change in their MPAs. Moderated discussion amongst participants on their respective experiences, the lessons learnt and the gaps to be bridged. Are they trying to address climate change? Which aspects/impacts?

  • Addressing climate change in the new nature policy plan for the Caribbean Netherlands – Paul Hoetjes
  • Natural Reserve of St Martin’s experience: managing ecosystems to good health to increase their 
resilience – Romain Renoux
  • The multi-island/subregional initiatives in the EU Caribbean islands to enhance managers’ networking and coordinate environmental management – Nathaniel Miller
  • TNC’s experience on working on resilience to climate change in the Eastern Caribbean – Ruth Blyther
  • Each participant to present briefly on its own context and MPA, and his/her experience on addressing or not resilience to climate change, why, and the opportunities and limits identified

Overview of the questions and needs related to the impacts of climate change on MPAs Facilitated discussion on:

  • Do managers actually think of climate change, and what are the questions they have, if any?
  • What are their needs to better understand and face the impacts on climate change on their MPAs? 
Information, capacity-building, tools, mentoring, studies,

European BEST initiative its third phase and the partnership with AFD for a BEST facility – Carole Martinez


Day 2 / November 29th

Role of MPA for marine ecosystems’ resilience to climate change, going beyond the myth for practical actions

  • Facilitated discussion on what should be studied, monitored, assessed, and managed, in order to better take into account resilience to climate change in MPAs and MPAs networks?
  • The discussion will be structured in a series of geographic scales: local and regional

Next steps: what are we going to do?

  • Identification of priority actions/activities to be developed to assist MPAs managers to better understand and include climate change in their MPAs planning and management frameworks: networks, studies, communication, common projects

Study of the economic value on Bonaire and discussion on valuation of ecosystem services and biodiversity – Esther Wolfs and Stijn Schep