SPAW – MPA/Climate Change Meeting

SPAW MPA/Climate Change Meeting

Date 26 – 27 November 2013
Location St. Martin

Organised by the SPAW Regional Activity Centre, this meeting aimed to build local marine park and national capacity to address issues related to the resilience of coastal marine environments to climate change. The workshop was designed to strengthen regional cooperation and develop a regional action plan to address the effects of climate change on near shore marine environments.

Coral reef managers and resilience experts from various regional organisations presented their project results and experiences which was enriched through facilitated discussions amongst participants.

The meeting addressed the following questions:

  • Best management practices– Which are the management practices that have each of the MPAs rep- resented that consider and address large spatial and time scale threats to coastal environments, including those generated by global climate changes and those generated by local human uses?
  • Sharing lessons– Which are the best practices that each MPA can share with the other MPAs in the EU territories and other neighbor islands of the Caribbean to address regionally the local and global threats? (joint projects, networking, policy development)
  • Regional approach. What are the multi-island initiatives that each of the 3 country-led organisations (from the Netherlands, France and UK) are currently implementing that can be applied in, emulated by or coordinated with other islands (EU or non EU countries)?

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