Statia Board meeting March 2017

Supporting docs

Below you will find supporting documents for our upcoming Board meeting.


Yves Renard’s notes park managers/directors meeting (January 2017)

Yves Renard discussion paper (October 2016)

Working group assignments (October 2016)

DCNA principles post 2016 (Ron van der Veer/Ron Gomes Casseres)

Discussion paper regarding:

Ratification, amendment or annulment of the resolution of October 2014 regarding the attendance of park board representatives to DCNA Board Meetings

Review and discuss questions and concerns about “Action plan DCNA Trust Fund Beyond 2016” as approved in the February 2016 and April 2016 DCNA Board Meetings”


DCNA Articles of Incorporation (2016)

DCNA Bylaws (2009)

DCNA Multiyear Plan (2013-2017)

Board meeting minutes

October 2016, Bonaire Board meeting minutes (DRAFT)

April 2016, St Maarten Board meeting

February 2016, Trust Fund Action Plan

February 2016, Bonaire Extraordinary Board meeting

Board meeting decisions

2016 Board meeting decisions

Board meeting action points

2016 Board meeting action points

Executive Committee

2017 Executive Committee meetings

Finance Committee

Trust Fund Committee

Financial planning

2017 Revised budget and action plan (ver 9 for approval)


2016 Budget vs actual income and expenditure

2016 DCNA action planbudget


EU “BEST of Bats!” project proposal


Fundraising strategy (2013 – 2017)

This link provides access to Fundraising Committee documentation



Communication strategy (2013 – 2017)

This link provides access to BioNews

Capacity Building




EU BEST initiative,  fact sheet, Environmental profiles

IUCN Caribbean

IUCN WCPA Caribbean,  Caribbean initiative, 2013-2016 Caribbean workplan, Caribbean initiative mid term review



Samenwerkingsverband Nationale Parken (SNP)

Wereld Natuur Fonds (WNF)

IUCN Netherlands (IUCN NL)


Vijf jaar verbonden: BES evaluation

Nature Policy Plan : The Caribbean Netherlands (English)

Natuurbeleidsplan: Caribisch Nederland (Dutch)

Nature Policy Plan: strategic action plan


BirdLife International Memorandum of Understanding

Financial Sustainabilty

Dr. Barry Spergel: “Financial Sustainability of Nature Parks in the Dutch Caribbean

IMARES/Dr. van Beek: Structure and Financing of Nature Management Costs in the Caribbean Netherlands

Dr de Carvalho: “Closing the Funding Gap


Staff job descriptions: