Tierra del Sol Salina

The Tierra del Sol Salina is an Important Bird Area for Aruba under the Birdlife International protocol of important bird areas in the Caribbean. The area has been denominated as IBA AW002.

This natural saliña is situated within a gulf course close to the north coast at the north-western tip of the island. The area has an open water section which flows naturally to the sea. A desert scrub habitat surrounds the area. The saliña periodically dries out naturally. Surface water flow can also be re-directed to dry out the saliña.

The Near Threatened Caribbean Coot (Fulica caribaea) occurs on the site making Tierra del Sol Saliña significant. A record of up to 170 birds has been spotted in the area. White-cheeked Pintails (Anas bahamensis) can also be observed; the saliña supports a wide range of waterbirds. Herons and egrets roost in the area, sharing the IBA with terns that also roost in the area. Migrating shorebirds also use the IBA. The surrounding shrubland is important for the Northern South America biome-restricted species—the Bare-eyed Pigeon (Patagioenas corensis)—and a number of other bird species.

Source: BirdLife International. (2008). Important Bird Areas in the Caribbean: Key sites for Conservation. Cambridge, UK: BirdLife International. (BirdLife Conservation Series No. 15).
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