VOFF meeting May 2014

  1. Welcome and short introduction participants (by Robert Kwak)
  2. Introduction to Dutch Caribbean Ecosystems & Biodiversity (by Kalli De Meyer)
  3. Introduction to the Conservation networks in the Dutch Caribbean
    (main focus on Caribbean Netherlands , including roles and tasks DCNA, Park Management organizations and other NGO’s like STCB in conservation, monitoring and education)
    Short overview governmental framework (legislation, policy plans, finances) (by Kalli De Meyer)
  4. Introduction of data-collecting & managing organizations cooperating in VOFF, short overview of ongoing programs and other undertakings, expertise. (by Niels Schrieken for VOFF-organisations)


  1. Update Strategic Monitoring Plan 2015 – 2020 (in prep.), data-collecting priorities, gaps in knowledge (by Kalli De Meyer)
  2. Overview of inventories, monitoring and research-projects in the Caribbean Netherlands, (including  actors, governmental & societal involvement, means & tools for Data collecting & -management (incl. DCBD, GIS); quality standards) (by Nathaniel Miller)
  3. Finances and other challenges for data collection, -management and research in Caribbean Netherlands (by Kalli De Meyer/Nathaniel Miller)
  4. Citizen science in practice: flora of Bonaire. Data collection and validation by local volunteers, DOs and DON’Ts in citizen science in Caribbean Netherlands. (by André van Proosdij)


  1. Facilitated discussion on perspectives on joined activities DCNA  –  VOFF for inventories, monitoring, research or citizen science initiatives in the Caribbean Netherlands / Dutch Caribbean. Facilitator: Robert Kwak
  2. SWOT-analysis for (cooperation in) data-collection, scientific research and/or citizen science initiatives in Caribbean Netherlands (by all)


  1. Summarizing conclusions on perspectives on joined data-collecting efforts DCNA – VOFF (by Robert Kwak)
  2. Next steps (by all)